Sunday, November 29

thanks, nylon.

all about thanksgiving weekend.

1. This Thanksgiving, I ate drank too much wine.

2. The movie we watched (on TV or at the cinema) was just some goddamn charlie brown.

3. I think “Black Friday” is lame but I still really want to buy a new car.

4. The celeb I’d most want at Thanksgiving dinner is billy idol ♥.

5. The song I play when I’m finally alone without all the guests and relatives around is in for the kill by la roux.

what about you, hm?

Saturday, November 14

Wednesday, November 4

to anyone who may read this, please help.

have you ever been in such a state of mind that you can't even think about what will happen next? like you're so depressed it doesn't even matter?

i'm in such a state of despair right now, it is absolutely ridiculous. it's happened to me before (i think it happens to a lot of people) but i'm not sure how to deal with it.

do you have any ideas? i'm fresh out. help? please?

Tuesday, October 20

living in: edward scissorhands

the living in series at design*sponge have all been awesome, but i was so excited when i saw this one. edward scissorhands was a movie i watched growing up and have loved ever since. it's perfectly done.

check out the entire post here.

Wednesday, September 23

I don’t know if you felt that or not.

But it felt like two people kissing after hours of thinking about it.

It felt like two people talking after nights of silence.

It felt like two people touching after weeks of being numb.

It felt like two people facing each other after months of looking away.

It felt like two people in love after years of being alone.

And it felt like two people meeting each other, after an entire lifetime of not meeting each other.

(via this is my heart. it is a good heart.)