Saturday, April 18

made in guatemala.

i recently discovered ten thousand questions, and this question stood out for me.

notice the clothing you're wearing right now. do you happen to know where it was made?

i'm currently wearing my typical outfit: my men's bdg vneck tshirt, bdg leggings, and obey zip up, with the leopard print hood. i wear these clothes a lot, almost as if i own no other clothes, haha. when i do assignment #55, it'll be a photograph of this outfit. i know for sure that the tshirt is made in guatemala, because when i first picked it up in urban outfitters, i noticed how soft the cotton was and looked at the label. the leggings were made in korea, and the sweat shirt was made in china.

i never realized how little i notice about the clothes i wear. do you know where your clothes were made?

(via ten thousand questions)


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