Friday, January 23

childhood beliefs

1 the world used to be in black and white, not just the photos 2 dinosaurs still existed in somewhere in the world 3 curse words were actual curses 4 animals could talk, they just chose not to 5 santa, the easter bunny, and the tooth fairy all went on vacation together in the bahamas 6 a person actually put the caps on all the tubes of toothpaste in the toothpaste factory 7 there was an actual factory solely dedicated to making toothpaste 8 alligators lived in the storm drains 9 my sister was going to steal my eyes while i was asleep because mine were prettier than hers 10 the twilight zone was an actual place 11 people went back in time in the bermuda triangle 12 friendship bracelets meant you had to be friends forever 13 there were monsters in my grandmothers house (it was the guy who lived down the hall) 14 irrational things were scary, guns and knives weren't 15 vacuum cleaners were meant to be feared and hated (i still dislike them) 16 wandering away from my parents was cool (i'm surprised i was never abducted) 17 lbi was the greatest place in the world

was i a stupid kid?

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